Membership Information

The purpose of the Arkansas Airport Operators Association, AAOA, is to serve the interest of the owners and operators of all airports within the State of Arkansas.


  1. Provide for the exchange of ideas, methods, information, and experience as related to the operation and management of airports;
  2. Promote and encourage the public’s understanding of the value of aviation and the importance of an airport to the community;
  3. Provide a unified voice for airports within Arkansas to local, state and federal agencies and to the State Legislature and the Congress of the United States on all proposed or pending legislation relating to aviation;
  4. Promote safety in the development of airport facilities and operating procedures;
  5. Support academic endeavors of the membership and the aviation educational programs within the State of Arkansas.
Regular Membership
$55 per year for each General Aviation Airport or $125 per year for each Part 139 Certificate Airport
Regular membership in AAOA shall consist of airports rather than individuals. Airports shall include all public use airports. Membership in this category shall be open to Airport Board/Authority/Commission members, responsible government officials, elected officials of municipalities or counties who own or operate public use airports, airport manager/staff, and department heads who are in the direct employment of an airport owner. A member airport shall have one (1) vote in matters of AAOA, but may send as many persons to the meetings as they desire, with one person designated as a voting member and one other as an alternate.

Only regular members have voting privileges. Regular membership dues cover one individual representative per airport. Each additional individual will be charged $15 per year.

Associate Membership
$30 per year
Associate membership shall be open to those individuals and non-commercial institutional and governmental organizations that are aviation oriented business or activity or have an interest in supporting the aviation industry in the State of Arkansas.
Corporate Membership
$100 per year + $30 for each individual
Corporate membership is open to any corporation or commercial enterprise having an interest in this organization and/or in the airport or aviation industry.
Honorary Membership
Designated by the AAOA Board of Directors.